A People First Program

Proven with Six Years of Successful Implementation and now completely redesigned and  leveled up

Course Features

Bite-Sized for those On-The-Go

Attentions spans are short and inboxes are full. Designed with the busy professional in mind, The Development Dojo features content designed to be brief and brilliant which allows even the busiest of us to level up without distracting from our daily responsibilities.

Leader Enablement & Training

If the leadership team isn't bought in then you might as well not do a training. How many trainings have come and gone like the weather. The Development Dojo invests in enabling and training your leaders so your invested time is worth it.

Challenges to Grow

Each week the The Development Dojo offers a Challenge that allows participants to bridge the gap from theory to practice, putting into use the latest concepts and skills they've learned. Each challenge is designed to be inclusive, engaging, and meaningful.

Inside and Outside the Office

Our favorite feedback is about how the dojo has benefited participants both inside and outside the office. What if you could develop how you show up as a team member, leader, spouse, child, friend, and parent all at the same time?


Trusted by Leaders and Team Members

I recognize how fortunate we are to work at a company which is willing to put this much work into our development and I will continue to implement what we've been working on both in and outside of work. Thank you again!
Conor D.
I was going through a little bit of a lull at work, letting some of my negative thoughts get to me, but now that I am aware of them, I am really making a conscious effort to work and control the controllable to be a better worker!
Lisa O.
I was skeptical at first but the conversation combined with the on-hands experience was great. Each week I look forward to our circle!
Frank J.
This mindset is a trait I am now utilizing inside and outside of work to be a better person and I already see a positive effect. I am motivated and ready to become the best I can be, so thank you!
Jack B.


$ 10 per student/month
  • Byte-Sized Videos
  • Leadership Enablement Package
  • Weekly Drip Emails
  • Embodiment Challenges
  • Access to E-Learning System


$ 25 per student/month
  • Byte-Sized Videos
  • Leadership Enablement Package
  • Weekly Drip Emails or Slacks
  • Embodiment Challenges
  • Access to E-Learning System
  • Open Office Hours
  • Leadership Coaching