Cultivating a developmental mindset includes cultivating self-awareness. 

Here are some tips you can test out for yourself that may increase yours.

  • Go Slowly. Take time to stop, and reflect. In the busyness of our daily lives it’s easy to rush from one thing to the next. From work task to work task to our personal lives and back again. Take a breath and pause for reflection.
  • Get Meta About Your Thinking. Who is the one making the choices right now? How are you arriving at those choices? What are the hidden and unhidden desires behind your actions? Shine a light on your thinking and see the process you’re following. Have you adopted this process inadvertently, or purposefully?

Look Back From the Future. Fast forward and imagine the future and looking back on you making decisions and taking action today. What might that future you be considering? Sense into the areas where you realize that more experience might bring you a deeper, wiser perspective. What might that future you know that you don’t know today?