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Course Description

Capabilities Developed:

  • Recognizing when biases and fallacies are at work and course correcting in real time. 
  • Capable of applying methods to increase mental strength in a healthy way

As Seen in the Workplace:

  • Team members recognize when biases and fallacies are at work and course correct in real time. 
  • Team members know how to push through when the going gets tough
  • Team members save time and reduce stress with healthy habits and life hacks


Month 1, Week 1 | Biases

  • Confirmation bias, Availability heuristic, 
  • Hyperbolic discounting, hasty generalization

Month 1, Week 3 | Fallacies 

  • Strawman, Sunk cost fallacy, Either/Or fallacy
  • Ad hominem and imposter syndrome 

Month 2, Week 1 | Mental Strength

  • Exploring the essence of will power and confidence
  • Learning how to cultivate hustle and grit in healthy ways

Month 2, Week 3 | Self Management Toolkit

  • Learn the elements of habit building
  • Overview cornerstone habits and key practices
  • Overview of Life hacks and Office hacks


  1. Notice when biases or fallacies are at work. Name them and track which show up most often and when.
  2. Form a new daily habit. What’s easy about it? What’s hard?
  3. Go to a store and ask for a 10% discount. How did it feel leading up to it? After?