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Course Description

Capabilities Developed:

  • Capable of being aware of one’s needs and practicing self-empathy
  • Capable of developing the support roles necessary for success
  • Capable of developing an ecology of practices that lead to greater health, wholeness, and vitality

As Seen in the Workplace:

  • Team has increased empathy for themselves and others
  • Team members are empowered to create a support system to meet their needs beyond the workplace
  • Team members are happier and healthier walking through the door each day
  • Team members wield the power of personal narrative and potential


Month 1, Week 1 | Self Empathy and Needs

  •  Developing needs awareness and the universal needs
  •  Importance of self empathy and how to develop it

Month 1, Week 3 | Relationships

  • Introduction to the 12 support roles and why they are important
  • How to fill the 12 support roles 

Month 2, Week 1 | Healthy Practices

  • Body language, somatic awareness, breathe, and body 
  • Nervous system, emotion, and self-regulation

Month 2, Week 3 | Holistic Health

  • Introducing the Bio Psycho Social model of health
  • Taking inventory of yourself using the Bio Psycho Social


  1. Map your set of practices, including the practices you want to but don’t keep up with.  
  2. Make at least one new request to a person to explicitly fill one of your unfilled support roles. 
  3. Examine the list of needs, determine which of yours are not being met, and take specific action this week to meet that need(s).