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Course Description

Capabilities Developed:

  • Capable of making, receiving, and rejecting requests
  • Capable of recognizing “parent” and “child” relationship dynamics and adjusting accordingly
  • Capable of building and maintaining trust more effectively and authentically

As Seen in the Workplace:

  • Team members communicate more effectively
  • Team members avoid negative and create positive workplace interactions
  • Increased team cohesion


Month 1, Week 1 | Needs-based Communication

  • Building on needs awareness through communication
  • Needs-based communication model
  • Requests, awareness, and rejection

Month 1, Week 3 | Transactional Analysis

  • Parent and Child understanding
  • How to apply TA in sales and life

Month 2, Week 1 | Building Trust

  • Trust as currency for all relationships
  • Models of trust (given vs earned)
  • How to build and maintain trust

Month 2, Week 3 | Attachment Styles

  • Intro to Attachment Theory
  • Secure, Anxious, Avoidant, Anxious Avoidant


  1. Catch yourself when you’re playing the role of Parent, Child, Adult. Take note of how you got there and what happened when you noticed.
  2. Catch yourself when you’re running an attachment style pattern. Can you shift to Secure? Take note of how you got there and what happened when you noticed.