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Course Description

Capabilities Developed:

  • Capable of practicing A/B and design thinking
  • Capable of being a beneficial meeting participant and facilitator
  • Capable of mapping stakeholders and seeing their interests

As Seen in the Workplace:

  • Team members are empowered to try safe-to-fail experiments to improve their results
  • Team members can effectively lead meetings when required
  • Team members actively consider the individual, team, company, and customer when decisions are made


Month 1, Week 1 | Curiosity, and Imaging

  • Dive into the “curiosity quotient” and the importance of curiosity in business and life
  • Understanding and practice imaging into potential

Month 1, Week 3 | Design and Experimentation

  • Build a basic understanding of design and A/B thinking
  • Understanding and practice imaging into potential

Month 2, Week 1 | Projects and Stakeholders

  • Introduce nested systems
  • Understand “stakeholders” and why this thinking is important in business
  • Dive into stakeholder mapping and seeing from the other’s perspective

Month 2, Week 3 | Thinking Hats and Lean Coffee

  • Try on De Bono’s Thinking Hats
  • Introduce the Lean Coffee method


  1. Set up an A/B test in your work or life and report back on the results. What did you learn?
  2. Ask to lead a meeting you wouldn’t normally. Prepare for it and use what you’ve learned to be a good facilitator. Ask for feedback at the end.