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Leader Dojo of Self-Awareness

Welcome to the Leader Only Dojo of Self-Awareness. This set of videos and enablement content is created to support both your development as a leader and your effectiveness with your team. As they learn through each of the topics in the Dojo of Self-Awareness you’ll gain access to tips and additional perspectives that will help you coach, train, and lead with these new ideas in mind. In each topic you’ll have links at the bottom to slides that you’ll be able to use with your team and 1:1 guides (if they apply to the topic) as well as curated resources. This positions you to be a source of expertise and wisdom for your team.

Enablement Content: Use the following links to access the enablement content for the Dojo of Self-Awareness.

Team Slides Here to be used to facilitate team discussions

Facilitation Guide Here to dive deeper into the content with your team

1:1 Guide Here to improve 1:1s with your team

Self-Awareness for Leaders

Self-Awareness is important for every role in an organization. As a leader you set an important example of how to model self-awareness in the workplace.

Stories for Leaders

You might write the story, be a character in a story, or both. Developing skills of listening to and telling great stories are essential for rich team culture.

Mindset for Leaders

Support your team by learning the in's and out's of Fixed and Growth Mindset. Learn some tips for coaching mindsets and how to maximize effort over time.

Your Word as a Leader

You are only as capable as you are true to your word. Understand the importance of what you give your word to and how that supports your team.

Introducing the Will Being Function Framework

Learn this useful framework which can be applied in a variety of circumstances to peel back the layers of how and why we get tasks done.

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Course Description

Capabilities Developed:

  • Capable of applying a developmental mindset in one’s life
  • Capable of recognizing problem-and-potential mindset
  • Capable of noticing parts, programming, and getting out of “auto-pilot”

As Seen in the Workplace:

  • Team members building their own processes around career goals & development
  • Team members taking things less personally
  • Team members conscientiously responding more and unconsciously reacting less

Enablement Content:

Month 1, Week 1 | Mindsets

Leadership Video Here

Team Slides Here (use week 2)

Interim and End States Exercise Sheet

Month 1, Week 3 | Problem to Potential

Leadership Video Here

Team Slides Here

Catching a Con Artist Exercise Sheet

From How We Think to Better Results Exercise

Month 2, Week 3 | Parts and Programming

Team Slides Here

Exercise Sheet

Month 2, Week 3 | Stories and Essence

Team Slides Here

Exercise Sheet